13 in ’13: Thirteen up-and-coming world politicians to watch in 2013


Earlier today, Suffragio kicked off its 2013 coverage of world politics with a look at 13 key elections to watch in 2013.

While we’ll watch as new leaders, from Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi to French president François Hollande to South Korean president Park Geun-hye begin their first full years of power, we’ll also watch for comebacks by former presidents — former Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva will make a decision about running for a third term in the 2014 Brazilian presidential election and former Chilean president Michelle Bachelet is the odds-on frontrunner to win a new term in Chile’s December 2013 election.

In addition, however, here are 13 up-and-coming politicians and other public figures who will figure prominently in the next 12 months — either because they are likely to come to power themselves in 2013 or because this year will will likely be a make-or-break year for them to achieve power beyond 2013. Continue reading 13 in ’13: Thirteen up-and-coming world politicians to watch in 2013

13 in ’13: Thirteen world elections to watch in 2013


Welcome back and a happy new year to all of Suffragio‘s readers.

With 2013 off and running, here are the 13 world elections that will undoubtedly make a difference to the course of world affairs this year — and a key number of them are coming very soon, too. Continue reading 13 in ’13: Thirteen world elections to watch in 2013

First Past the Post: January 2


East and South Asia

A proposed anti-rape law in India may feature the name of the 23-year-old girl who died as a result of a Delhi gang rape.

Hong Kong residents marched Sunday in protest of chief executive Leung Chun-ying (pictured above).

The South Korean generation gap.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un gives a New Year’s address.

North America

The United States will not fall off the ‘fiscal cliff,’ following a key late-night vote in the House of Representatives.

Latin America / Caribbean

The United States and Venezuela may already be discussing a post-Chávez thaw in relations.

Colombian forces have killed 13 FARC guerillas, with peace talks still scheduled to proceed in Cuba.


The latest on the political crisis in the Central African Republic.

The leaders of Sudan and South Sudan will meet on Friday.


More grief for SPD chancellor candidate Peer Steinbrück over chancellor pay.

France’s top constitutional court has overturned the new top income tax rate of 75% implemented by president François Hollande.

Marking the 20th anniversary of Slovakia’s split from the Czech Republic.

Middle East

Mark Lynch at Foreign Policy revives his ‘Calvinball’ theory of Egyptian politics.

A new U.S. ‘green zone’ in Sana’a?

Photo credit to Sam Tsang of the South China Morning Post.