First Past the Post: January 11


East and South Asia

What Burma can learn from Chile.

At least 93 Pakistanis have died in a bomb blast in Quetta.

More stimulus for Japan.

North America

The 2013 nominees for the Academy Awards.

California governor Jerry Brown proposes a state budget with a surplus.

Latin America / Caribbean

Grenada is headed for early elections.

Venezuela holds a presidential inauguration without its president.


More pressure on Zimbabwe from South African president Jacob Zuma?


Dutch finance minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem remains the favorite to head the Euro Group.

The Czech presidential campaign is winding down.

Artur Mas continues to agitate for Catalan independence.

Middle East

A rare snowstorm in the Levant in pictures (Baalbek in Lebanon pictured above).

Is Israeli politics necessarily shifting rightward?

The latest poll in Israel has good news for prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Egypt also has a new central bank governor.

Photo credit to STR/AFP/Getty Images.