A programming note

As you’ll notice, Suffragio‘s banner has changed from its sedate blue to a more festive Venezuela-themed banner.Venezuela Flag IconWashington_DC_Icon

That’s because I’m in Caracas reporting on the Venezuela presidential election this week, so posting will be a lot different through mid-April — you’ll start to see a lot of first-hand reporting and, hopefully, original content that can only come from being on the ground as Venezuela begins the transition from the era of Hugo Chávez to the next chapter.

That means that blogging about politics and policy in other countries will necessarily be much lighter in the next week — links will be, unfortunately, more sporadic, and I’ll be limited to turn to unexpected events such as, say, the improbable (but possible) likelihood of a new Italian government or the trajectory of prime minister-designate Tammam Salam in Lebanon, or developments in upcoming May elections in Pakistan and the Philippines.

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