First Past the Post: January 18

East and South Asia

Chinese growth has slowed to a 7.8% rate, which is its lowest in 13 years, though that rate would make any U.S. president cry for joy.

More about Tahirul Qadri and his Pakistani crusade.

More on Park Guen-hye’s transition in South Korea.

North America

U.S. House Republicans may cave in order to have a traditional government shutdown fight.

Latin America / Caribbean

Chile’s Mapuche people achieve a voice.


Disaster in Algeria.

A Zimbabwe deal over the constitution?

Andry Rajoelina steps aside in Madagascar elections.

The Cord Alliance’s Raila Odinga leads the Jubilee Alliance’s Uhuru Kenyatta 51% to 39% in Kenya.


Former finance minister George Papaconstantinou is in trouble on the ‘Lagarde list.’

UK prime minister David Cameron cancels his EU speech.

Czech presidential candidate Karel Schwarzenberg seems to be running against the incumbent as well.

Italian technocratic prime minister Mario Monti is a bit squeamish about embracing gay marriage.

Middle East

Washington recognizes Mogadishu.

Turmoil in Egypt over upcoming parliamentary elections.

Tzipi Livni calls for a unity government.

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