First Past the Post: January 17

East and South Asia

Pakistan’s election will come on or before May 6.

Pakistan and India will de-escalate tensions over Kashmir.

Hong Kong chief executive Chun-ying Leung addresses housing.

In advance of June elections in Malaysia.

North America

Current U.S. deputy national security adviser Denis McDonough is set to become the Obama administration’s fourth permanent chief of staff.

Latin America / Caribbean

President Evo Morales wants to bring more tourists to Bolivia.  [Spanish]

Venezuela will face a post-Chávez economic hangover.

Grenada goes to the polls on February 19.


What The Washington Post thinks you need to know about Mali. h/t Andrew Novak.

Former Liberian leader Charles Taylor would like his pension, please.

Tensions arise over a successor to Uganda’s president since 1986, Yoweri Museveni.


Germany wants its gold back.

Austria is holding a referendum on mandatory national service on January 20.

Vince Cable, perhaps the UK’s most beloved Liberal Democratic leader, warns coalition leader David Cameron on Europe from the left.

Methinks UK Labour leader Ed Miliband is not the second coming of Margaret Thatcher. But who am I to judge?

French tanks head towards northern Mali.

Germany’s Rhineland-Palatinate has a new state premier.

Middle East

Tajikistan has blocked access to Facebook.

A third week of escalating protests against the Iraqi government.

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