First Past the Post: March 13


East and South Asia

Forget the Falklands — Hong Kong residents would prefer to revert to British rule.

Japan seems set to join talks for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

North America

With 70% of the votes counted, the social democratic (and populist — it’s in opposition to loosening local laws to allow the importation of largely Chinese foreign workers) Siumut, which governed from self-rule in 1979 until 2009, leads in Greenland with 48.4% of the vote, to just 29.6% for the pro-independence, socialist Inuit Ataqatigiit, which has ruled the country since 2009.

Former Canadian prime minister Jean Chrétien thinks Canada has lost its international swagger.

Louise Marchand has resigned as Québec’s top language watchdog after ‘pastagate’ brouhaha.

Latin America / Caribbean

Chilean poet Pablo Neruda’s remains will be exhumed in April.

Venezuela’s opposition reports an ambush against it.

Sub-Saharan Africa

A journalism strike in Togo.

One criticism of Zimbabwe’s draft constitution.


Spain ‘was virtually a feudal, agrarian economy the last time almost six million workers were unemployed.’

Marin Raykov, ambassador to France, will become Bulgaria’s caretaker prime minister.

The EU parliament comes to a consensus on the European Union’s budget.

No pope yet.

Armenia to get early parliamentary elections?

Middle East and North Africa

What Muqtada al-Sadr has been up to in Iraq these days.

Israel’s incoming coalition, still not finalized, seems set to agree on an increase of the Knesset threshold from 2% to 4%, which will harm Arab parties in particular.

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