¡Hasta siempre, comandante!

I don’t know quite what to make of this.  Fifth circle of hell or cielo bolivariano?Venezuela Flag Icon

In any event, it’s a good reminder that the April 14 presidential election is still about Hugo Chávez, perhaps even more than the elections in which Chávez himself contested since 1998.

There’s of course Salvador Allende there (in the suit), the martyr of Chilean socialism whose fall ushered in nearly two decades of military rule by Augusto Pinochet; Eva Peron, the wife and successor to her husband’s mid-20th century peronismo movement in Argentina; and, of course, Che Guevara, who’s practically become the patron saint of revolutionary spirit.

Finally, of course, no paean to Chávez would be complete without the Great Liberator himself, Simon Bolívar.

H/t to Caracas Chronicles, which should be required reading for anyone interested in Venezuela.