First Past the Post: March 1


East and South Asia

More Shahbagh clashes in Dhaka.

North America

U.S. soldier Bradley Manning (pictured above) has pled guilty in the Wikileaks case.

The U.S. budget sequester has arrived.

Latin America / Caribbean

Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez is allegedly clinging to life.

Lima mayor Susana Villarán faces a recall vote on March 17.

Jean-Claude ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier goes to court in Haiti.

Felix Salmon predicts Argentina will default in 2013.

Sub-Saharan Africa

Kenya’s election on Monday is more likely than not to be peaceful.


Pope Benedict XVI’s final day.

The new ‘Vote for Pope’ website explains all.

Europe caps bank bonuses.

Italy’s center-left has ruled out a ‘grand coalition’ government with conservative former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi.

UKIP outpolls the Tories in a U.K. by-election (the Liberal Democrats, however, won the seat).

Bulgaria will hold elections on May 12.

Middle East and North Africa

Yesh Atid refuses to join an Israeli government coalition without Naftali Bennett and refuses to join a coalition with the haredim.

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