First Past the Post: June 26

In Egypt, SCAF’s order reinstating parts of the ’emergency law’ to facilitate citizen detainment has been invalidated by an administrative court.

FT Alphaville gives us a lesson on the Indian rupee and on Oscar Wilde:

“Cecily, you will read your Political Economy in my absence. The chapter on the Fall of the Rupee you may omit. It is somewhat too sensational. Even these metallic problems have their melodramatic side.”

Ousted Paraguayan president Fernando Lugo is now mounting a challenge to his impeachment, as the Organization of American States starts to weigh its response.

An interview from allAfrica with Liberian president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

The PAN is declaring open war on “vulgar cheerleader” and “traitor” Vicente Fox.

Soros on Europe.

Serbia is still wrangling over forming a government.

Abdoulaye Wade is not fading away in Senegal.

Lots of folks are running for president of South Korea.

Beijing prepares for a transition in Hong Kong.

Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki is leaning autocrat these days.


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