First Past the Post:June 4

In an apparent dirty trick, someone is putting up “Diosdado for president” posters in Caracas — Diosdado Cabello is president of the Asamblea Nacional and an ally of ailing Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez, who would be one of several potential PSUV candidates for Venezuela’s presidency in the event of Chávez’s death.

More confirmation that the Greek election comes down to who can get the best deal from Europe without getting booted from the eurozone.

In losing the ‘no’ campaign on the Irish referendum, did Gerry Adams win the next general election?

Voting in Libya’s first post-Gaddafi parliamentary elections, scheduled for June 19, has been postponed.

In Australia, Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull both remain more popular than their respective rivals, Labor prime minister Julie Gillard and Coalition opposition leader Tony Abbott.

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