Final Egypt election results

Egypt’s Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission announced the final results yesterday for last week’s presidential election, confirming that Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Morsi and former Mubarak prime minister Ahmed Shafiq will face off in a runoff to be held June 16 and 17, as was expected as informal results came in Friday.

Perhaps the most surprising aspect is the low turnout in what was Egypt’s first free and fair presidential election — at 46.42%, only 23.3 million voters cast ballots.

The Morsi and Shafiq camps were already preparing for the runoff Friday, even as the rest of Egypt — and the world — decried the ‘nightmare’ scenario of a runoff between an Islamist candidate and a candidate representing the ‘felool’ (remnants) of the Mubarak regime that fell in February 2012.

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  1. Wait and watch,7000 years of dictatorial rule gone bye,let us wait for couple of more weeks.Don't create anxiety for nothing,history is being made.

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