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Incumbents thrown out even in tiny, wealthy Monaco


Monaco, the glamorous principality of just 35,000 people nudged along the French Riviera and the world’s second smallest state by area (only the Vatican, which will also soon elect a new head of state, is smaller) held elections Sunday for its 24-member Conseil National (National Council).monaco flag

Even in a prosperous place like Monaco, with a GDP per capita of over $132,o00, Europe these days is not the friendliest electoral turf for incumbents, delivering a lopsided victory to the more conservative Horzion Monaco, restoring the once-dominant party to power after a decade in opposition.

Economic opportunity played some role in the victory — in a country where the unemployment rate is 0% and nearly two-thirds of Monaco’s workers are imported from nearby France, the opposition leader decried that 15 individuals were unemployed (compared to the 26% of Spaniards currently out of work). Continue reading Incumbents thrown out even in tiny, wealthy Monaco