First Past the Post: February 1


East and South Asia

‘Zero Dark Thirty’ is not popular in Pakistan.

North America

Former U.S. senator and nominee for U.S. defense secretary Chuck Hagel has a tough day of hearings.

Latin America / Caribbean

Argentina’s government turns down a Falklands summit.

An explosion at México’s state-owned oil company, Pemex.

FARC clashes with the Colombian government.

How to maintain Peruvian economic growth.


Islamist rebels in Mali are on the defensive after three weeks of French activity.

Kenya’s March 4 presidential election will feature eight candidates.


Armenian presidential candidate Paruir Airikian is shot and wounded.

German chancellor Angela Merkel is distancing herself from her coalition partner, the Free Democratic Party.

A slush fund for Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy’s Partido Popular?

Russian prime minister Dmitri Medvedev (pictured above with president Vladimir Putinlays out his economic goals.

Middle East

Foreign Policy peeks into Lebanon.

Will Hamas try to take over the leadership of the PLO?

Photo credit to Dmitry Astakhov of RIA Novosti.

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