First Past the Post: December 3

Gujarat’s chief minister Narendra Modi unveils the BJP’s manifesto in advance of elections later this month.

Slovenia elects former prime minister Borut Pahor as its new (largely ceremonial) president.

Former South Korean presidential candidate Ahn Cheol-soo emerged Monday to give only tepid support to DUP candidate Moon Jae-in.

South Korea’s presidential candidates will face off in the first of three presidential debates tomorrow.

The ruling Democratic Party of Japan has narrowed its deficit with the Liberal Democratic Party in advance of Dec. 16 elections for the Diet.

Kuwait’s election debacle.

Lebanon will go to the polls on June 9 of next year.

Burkina Faso goes to the polls.

Ethiopia’s Blue Nile dam implicates riparian politics in Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt.

Enrique Peña Nieto was sworn in as president on Saturday.

Liberal leadership frontrunner Justin Trudeau takes heat for his derogatory comments about Alberta.

In Greece, another high-profile PASOK minister is leaving PASOK to form a new party.



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