First Past the Post: November 5

The Telegraph claims the British empire invaded what amounts to nine out of every ten countries in the world (Photo graphic above — credit to The Telegraph). I can’t believe they missed Paraguay and Mongolia and Mali.

Der Spiegel essentially writes the obituary of an American-dominated unipolar world.

In Catalunya, regional premier Artur Mas sees enemies of Catalan independence everywhere.

The two more liberal candidates in South Korea’s presidential election will meet face-to-face to discuss a merged candidacy.

Dardis McNamee explains Austria’s economic success.

The vote count in Ukraine from Oct. 28 elections is not going so smoothly.  The opposition protests.

DutchNews highlights the new Dutch cabinet, sworn in on Monday.

Some good ol’ fashioned Italian left dysfunction. [Italian]

A U.S. presidential election game from Japan.

Former Serbian president Boris Tadić will cede his longtime leadership of the center-left Democratic Party (Демократска странка / DS) to Belgrade mayor  Dragan Đilas.

Despite strikes in Athens, a successful vote this week could end talk of ‘Grexit’ through 2013.

Montréal mayor Gerald Tremblay resigns.

Former opposition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles is leading polls in Miranda state to remain governor.

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