First Past the Post: October 24

For now at least, Silvio Berlusconi is confirming that he will not stand as the leader of the center-right in the upcoming 2013 elections. [Italian] Here’s the BBC story.

Québec’s new government is planning reforms to make French more ‘robust’ in Montréal.

Prime minister-in-waiting Rahul Gandhi may join India’s government after this weekend’s planned cabinet shakeup.

One way to end a strike in South Africa is simply to fire the miners.

A primer on each of the three South Korean presidential candidates’ positions on North Korea.

Spain’s federal PSOE (Spanish Socialist Workers Party) leader, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, defies resignation pressure following poor regional results last Sunday.

Walid Jumblatt, Lebanon’s premier Druze leader, who once backed the anti-Assad ‘March 14’ coalition before he backed the current governing pro-Assad ‘March 8’ coalition, says he favors a new government.

The latest on the eurozone (and Catalan elections) from economist Edward Hugh.

Novaya Gazeta examines the surveillance of assassinated Moscow journalist Anna Politkovskaya.

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