First Past the Post: October 22

The free-market liberal VVD and the Labour Party have virtually settled on the terms of a coalition government agreement in the Netherlands.

Are the United States and Iran engaged in secret talks over Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons programThe Diplomat analyzes here.

Foreign Policy has a thoughtful bio on China’s new expected leader Xi Jinping.

Results of the Icelandic referendum — voters have responded ‘yes’ on all six questions from Saturday’s vote.

Speigel considers what the latest EU summit means for the state of the Hollande-Merkel relationship.

Lebanon remains tense after last week’s Beirut car bomb — and Lebanese business interests are calling for the resignation of ‘March 8’ coalition prime minister Najib Mikati.

Trouble already for the new Serbian government?

Election season hits both parties in Ghana.

Australian treasurer Wayne Swan’s fuzzy budget surplus math.

Should Chile nationalize its lithium industry?

A great profile of top financial blogger Felix Salmon.  Read his blog here.

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