Apologies to my readers: dead laptop + vacation = light posting

I’ve been trapped in Alaska with a dead laptop for the past few days (luckily beyond the Mexican elections, but not soon enough for real-time commentary on the Libyan elections or Senegalese elections or East Timor elections — there will be more analysis, though, not to worry), so you’ll have had to settle for my post-mortem on the Mexican elections (all of them, not just the presidential race).

Technorati may have already punished me for my sins, but I will resume blogging on a consistent basis on July 10, when we’ll have a hot summer with relatively few elections, but a lot of fallout from spring elections — France to Mexico to Egypt to Greece to South Korea and beyond — with relatively few key world elections in the near term: Angola in August and the Netherlands in September and Venezuela’s presidential election in October before a more accelerated elections calendar in the last quarter of the year. (Although I would not be surprised by a fall Quebec provincial election).

After five months of near-daily blogging as a (very much) part-time venture, I have learned a lot — as much by accident as on purpose.  I will be taking much of July and August to look to ways to both sharpen and broaden the focus of this blog.  If you are a regular reader or just a visitor recently, I welcome all input on how to transform Suffragio into a more central hub for thoughtful analysis on comparative politics.

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